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Canada Goose coats in turn give up fur

Canada Goose coats in turn give up fur

Canada Goose to stop purchasing fur by the end of 2021 and stop manufacturing fur no later than the end of 2022, announced the Canadian brand, known for its goose down coats with hoods adorned with coyote fur.

Founded in 1957, Canada Goose has gradually established itself as a winter fashion icon with its products initially designed for extreme weather conditions and becoming luxury items, selling for several hundred dollars.

In 2019, it pledged to reduce its carbon emissions by more than 80% by 2025. Its abandonment of fur is, according to its press release, as part of its sustainable goals.

Canada Goose coats on display in a store.

Canada Goose coats

Photo: The Canadian Press / Aaron Vincent Elkaim

The brand had also been under pressure for years from the animal welfare association PETA, which accused it of capturing wild coyotes with traps and causing them horrible suffering.

The association, which demonstrated at the opening of each store and frequently held up shocking posters against the brand, on Thursday greeted a act of compassion that reflects the opinion of a majority of people who believe that animals should not be tormented and killed for their fur.

PETA has announced that it is suspending its campaign against Canada Goose while specifying working behind the scenes so that she now gives up feather blanket as a garnish for his coats.

Subject to comparable pressures and ethical considerations from a growing part of consumers, several fashion houses, such as Prada, Armani, Burberry, DKNY or even Jean Paul Gaultier, have given up animal fur in recent years. The American department store chain Macy’s stopped selling them in early 2021.

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