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Coder Says He Created Automated Campsite Reservation System

Coder Says He Created Automated Campsite Reservation System

Using the Selenium extension, which automates web browsers, the coder claims to have written a script that promotes priority and systematic access to the reservation site of BC Parks.

Selenium allows you to write an automated script rather than having to fill out a web page form manually, says University of British Columbia computer science professor Aastha Mehta.

Rather than entering text in a field, checking boxes or filling out a form manually, Selenium allows you to save this information and redo these actions automatically., she says.

Stone Mountain Provincial Park in the northern Rockies. A tent is illuminated with mountains and the Northern Lights in the background.

The province recognizes that British Columbia’s parks are more popular than ever.

Photo : BC Parks

They don’t stand a chance

I spent five hours writing a program that completely automates the reservation process and is infinitely faster than having to fill in the information manually., writes the coder in a Reddit post.

In British Columbia, campsites are limited, and the heavily trafficked reservation site often causes frustration among campers.

Basically, a person who manually enters their information doesn’t stand a chance against my program., adds the encoder.

Investigation in progress

The coder believes he has done a mistake by sharing its code with friends. He is concerned that they in turn may have passed it on to other users.

BC Parks claims to have software in place to prevent the use of this type of workaround and is investigating after the statement made on Reddit.

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