Women’s electronic sport organization Sailor Scouts integrates with Mirage

Women's electronic sport organization Sailor Scouts integrates with Mirage

Discussions had long been initiated between Sailor Scouts and Northern Arena, already owner of the professional Mirage esports team.

The surprise is mainly based on the name of the team, which will now be called Mirage Scouts, and its logo. The female team abandons the heart that flies for other wings, those of the Mirage bird, which adopts the pink and purple colors of the Sailor Scouts logo.

Logo showing a pink and purple bird on a pink background with the words

The new Mirage Scouts esports team logo features the same colors as the original Sailor Scouts team.

Photo : Northern Arena

The mission of Mirage Scouts will remain the same as that which established the foundations of Sailor Scouts, that is to say to allow as many women as possible to play competitively in order to reduce the disparity in the world of electronic sport, can we read in the press release.

I am a strong advocate for diversity in the video game and electronic sports industry, and the arrival of the Scouts in our ranks will allow us to do more for its passionate players.

A quote from:Carl-Edwin Michel, PDG de Northern Arena

Northern Arena aims to elevate female players to the next level by supporting them financially in their professional careers, something new for those who have so far been involved in the sport on a voluntary basis.

Véronique Bouffard, who co-founded the Sailor Scouts organization with Stephanie Yan, will don the hat of Mirage Scouts eSports director.

I could never have imagined such a happy ending to our story when we launched this project almost five years ago.

A quote from:Véronique Bouffard

For me, it is a real dream come true to know that there will henceforth be a professional and female electronic sports team active in Quebec., she continues.

New women’s teams

If Sailor Scouts had three competitive teams, including two from the game Overwatch and one of Valuing, here is that Mirage Scouts will integrate a fourth branch with the title Rainbow Six Siege.

An image showing police breaking down a wall. On the other side of the wall, masked figures point their weapons at the police.

In Rainbow Six Siege, the players embody police officers and soldiers specializing in critical situations such as hostage-taking and terrorist attacks.

Photo : Ubisoft

This game, published in Montreal by Ubisoft, is a signing for Mirage’s professional men’s team, which is now facing others in Las Vegas with the aim of making it to the Six Invitational, the ultimate international event. electronic sports for Rainbow Six Siege.

The professional team of Rainbow Six Siege will be composed of the players GaleneR6s, TheMonstergurl, tabbyr6s, idkcavi and airotciv_tv.

I can’t wait to see our players shine on the international scene and, by the same token, succeed in making Quebec players shine., emphasizes Véronique Bouffard.

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