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Fanatic 3D reproduces Grand Theft Auto V map

Fanatic 3D reproduces Grand Theft Auto V map

How long does it take to reproduce in three dimensions the map of San Andreas from the game Grand Theft Auto V? No less than 400 hours, according to product designer Dom Riccobene, who lent himself to exercise in his spare time.

To recreate the fictional San Andreas location to scale, Dom Riccobene used a 3D printer, mapping software, and homemade script to measure elevation in-game. He also resorted to a modification (mod) from the game to remove streams from the map and achieve better accuracy.

In all, some 500 million data points were collected and then applied in GPS coordinates. The goal was to create parameters for longitude, latitude and elevation, a long and complex process.

The data sculptor had to assemble 24 tiles requiring some 24 kg of plastic and each representing 2 km2 of the game. The 3D printer worked for 125 hours.

The video game enthusiast has documented his hobby on social media, accumulating tens of thousands of views.

Dom Riccobene has several 3D printing projects in mind, including the gaming world Red Dead Redemption 2 And the one of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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